American Prep's Philosophy on Classical Ed, Unity, & Empowerment

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American Preparatory Academy is a classical-liberal arts school with an aim to educate both the minds and hearts of our students. Human flourishing is the goal of a classical education. We engage in the pursuit of truth, beauty, and virtue alongside our students. We focus our efforts in the domains of the liberal arts. We employ the disciplines of humility and diligence to our scholarly efforts.

Our students flourish as they become academically proficient, develop strong moral character, and develop a desire to impact their community in positive ways.

At school, on a daily basis, we enthusiastically engage in the learning and practice of the skills required to accomplish these ends.

Equality and Unity

American Prep values and embodies the American ideals of equality and unity.   We reference our nation’s Declaration of Independence in that we believe that all students and staff have been endowed with certain, unalienable rights that we respect at school. We are all engaged in the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and respect that pursuit for each individual. Included in the important rights of each student is that of being viewed as an individual of great worth to the community. Every person in our school community is equally viewed as a person of unmeasurable value and potential.

 We carefully work to ensure that:

  • The right to fully participate in our school programs is available equally to each student.
  • The right to opportunities to develop character traits of diligence, hard work, humility, and scholarship are available to all students equally.
  • Each student and staff member are viewed, treated, and respected as a full and equal member of the community.

The APA community is defined by a strong sense of belonging, and it is our aim to ensure that every member of the community knows they are considered a unique, important, and even an integral part of our community.   Our community is often described as the “APA Family”. We nurture our strong, inclusive school culture to maximize its unifying impact throughout our schools and to reach each and every student, staff member and family member.

Student Empowerment

Empowering students to take advantage of their rights and all of the opportunities available to them is a critical objective of APA. Student empowerment is accomplished by providing explicit instruction and practice related to empowerment in the school and community environments. Each student’s level of empowerment to engage in opportunities is unique.

One of APA’s critical objectives is to maximize each student’s empowerment, so they can take full advantage of every opportunity available to them.