Every 5 years, we are required to undergo an Accreditation Review.  Cognia is the approved Accrediting agency for public schools across multiple states.  The Review Team from Cognia that conducted American Prep’s recent review represented decades of education experience in public schools districts and charters across multiple 

states.  As part of their extensive review, Cognia conducted observations in multiple APA classrooms, examined over 400 documents, and interviewed 117 stakeholders, including board members, admin, teachers, parents, community members, students, and support staff. 

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We are excited to announce that American Prep received an exceptional recommendation of Accreditation from its recent review.  The Index of Education Quality (IEQ) is the numeric score given an institution at the conclusion of the Accreditation Review process.  The 5-year average COGNIA IEQ score for institutions is 280.  American Prep received an IEQ rating of 350 out of 400—far above average and indicating that APA “Demonstrates noteworthy practices producing clear results that positively impact the institution.”

Cognia specifically noted these powerful practices at APA:

  1. The American Preparatory Academy (APA), directed by the chief executive officer (CEO) and the leadership team, tirelessly commit to the institution’s purpose and direction. 
  2. APA’s governing board established a comprehensive set of policies and procedures, including a strong code of ethics, allowing them to fulfill their roles and responsibilities for the institution and schools’ direction.
  3. APA schools provide a structured and positive culture that exemplifies the system’s mission statement “…to ensure that each student achieves maximum academic proficiency and develops virtuous character and motivation for a productive citizenry.” 
  4. APA exemplifies a data-driven system where teachers record, collect, analyze, and use both formative and summative assessments to update the curriculum and assess student learning. 
  5. APA provides staff members with professional learning activities based on data-driven needs assessments with a focus on collaboration and collegiality. 
  6. The system provides access to information resources and materials to support the curriculum and allocates human, material, and fiscal resources in alignment with the organizational purpose and improvement of student performance. 

We are grateful to the staff, parents, students, and community members who contribute in meaningful ways to the culture and mission of excellence at American Prep!


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