Request to Test

At American Prep, we are grateful to be able to offer rapid testing for COVID19 to all of our students and staff members. We believe that one of the things we can do as a public school that can really benefit families and staff members is to help them know, as soon as possible, if they contract COVID19 so that early treatment can begin. Some studies have shown early treatment is critical in COVID19.

“Request to Test” has been in place since the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, and many students have been tested at the request of their parents. These parents report that in light of the surge in cases and increased exposures, it gives them peace of mind to be able to find out, very quickly, that their child does not have COVID19. We encourage all parents and staff members to take advantage of our rapid COVID19 testing by following the steps below. There are two forms - one for students and one for staff members.

Students and staff members can request testing as often as they would like.

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To be tested for COVID19, there are 2 steps.
1.  Go to the Redcap website, which is found at  Redcap is the state’s official COVID19 testing site. Register your student (or yourself if you are a staff member).  Once you have registered your child, (or yourself) they will remain on the Redcap system and you will not need to register again.
2.  Fill out the Form - click on one of the buttons below and fill out the quick form:
COVID Test - Student FormCOVID Test - Staff Form
Thank you!!!