D3 Course Registration

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It is time for students to complete their course registration for next year (2022-2023)! Please use the link included below to access the course registration form. Please complete the appropriate form. For those GOING INTO 7th and 8th grade, complete the JH form. For those GOING INTO 9th – 12th grade, please complete the HS form.

Students must have their state student ID number (SSID) ready to enter on the form. You can access this on your Skyward account by viewing the student profile information.

Also, the form must be completed via a student’s school email account. Parents, please work with your students to ensure this gets completed. 

For HS (going into 9th -12th grade) students interested in AP courses, please watch the informational video sent previously that introduces you to the various courses and their instructors. Also linked here: https://vimeo.com/700707144

Course registration needs to be completed by Sunday evening (April 24th).  

JH Form (if you’ll be in 7th or 8th grade next year): https://forms.gle/bTC7kVSJs4QoVowX7

HS Form (if you’ll be in 9th – 12th grade next year): https://forms.gle/HR2M5QHWNF5LSsXE7


Draper 3 Administration