Inclement Weather

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Tuesday 2.27.2024 Update
Draper 1 Normal Start Time
Draper 2 Normal Start Time
Draper 3 Normal Start Time
Early Learning Center & Preschool Normal Start Time
Salem Normal Start Time
West Valley 1 Normal Start Time
West Valley 2/3 Normal Start Time

American Prep schools will remain open when possible, even if weather conditions are severe. As we know, for some of our families, it is very important that school is open on scheduled school days. American Prep is concerned about the safety of all students, staff, and patrons. We encourage everyone to use caution when traveling safely to and from our schools and buildings.

American Prep recognizes that the decision to keep children home when weather conditions are severe is always at the parent’s discretion. Students kept home by a parent or guardian will not be penalized for their absence or tardiness. Make-up schoolwork may be necessary, but schools will accommodate students on the timely completion of required assignments or tests.

On occasion, the weather may be so extreme that American Prep will close schools or implement a late start or early dismissal. American Prep will make decisions for each campus on a case-by-case basis. The following information outlines the communication procedures that will be followed if such school closures or delays become necessary.

School Website and Social Media

The school will post the status of each campus on its website at as early as possible in the morning but by 6:30 a.m. This is the FIRST place parents should go to find the closure information. No announcement means regular operation. Closures or late starts are for one day only.

Text Messages from the School

Families who can receive text messages from the school will receive a text with any weather-related changes to the school schedule. 

Media Announcements 

There may be announcements on radio or television related to school closure information. These usually take place between 6-8 a.m.

Draper/Salem Bus Updates - Campus admins will send an email or text message by 6:30 a.m. regarding bus delays or cancellations. 

Types of School Closure

  • “Schools Will Be Closed”
  • “Schools Will Start Late” (this means school will begin 2 hours after its normal start time)
  • “Schools Will Dismiss Early,” and parents will be notified via text message when the dismissal is in effect

Make-up Days

The Utah State Board of Education requires a minimum of 180 instructional days of school. Days lost because of inclement weather will be made up as per policy.

Our Inclement Weather Policy is published each year in the APA Parent-Student Handbook. Click here to view your campus Parent-Student Handbook