Legislative Day

January 2024 - Sarah Olsen, Character Development Curriculum Administrator

Every January, all APA Secondary students participate in a school wide Legislative Day. This is one of the biggest events of the year.

The event begins with an opening assembly. This year, students had the opportunity to hear from David and Fallas Zulu from African Preparatory Academy. They spoke about the importance of a good education and the sacrifices their students in Africa make in order to be able to even go to school. APA students left the assembly with a renewed perspective and gratitude for the educational opportunities that they have here.

After the assembly, students divided into groups and rotated through a series of workshops about different aspects of the government. 7th and 8th grade students learned about the three branches of government, and they were able to research who their state Senators and Representatives are. They learned the importance of compromise to the legislative system and how to agree to disagree politely. These students learned that voting is both a right and a responsibility, and they held a mock vote for “APA Mayor”. Students played a fun board game that showed the long path a bill must take to become a law, and they wrapped up with some fun review activities.

9th graders dive a little deeper into these legislative subjects. They still researched who their current state Senators and Representatives are, but they prepared for their upcoming Capitol visit by brainstorming intelligent questions to ask their legislators if they get the chance to meet them. Students learned about the work done in legislative committees, and they studied some of the bills up for debate in the current state legislative session. They also learned the seven principles of the Constitution and studied the text of that document in depth.

10th graders got to visit their local city government offices in Sandy or West Valley. They learned that local governments actually have the biggest impact on their lives. Many people focus on laws passed by the United States Congress, but they don’t realize that a simple city ordinance can have a much more immediate effect on their everyday lives. Students learned the importance of electing good city leaders, and they played a fun board game where they tried to create their own mock city governments.

All of our teachers get involved in Legislative Day by teaching one of these workshops. 12th grade Seniors also help by leading groups of students to each station and by facilitating good discussions. Our students learn so much during this event each year, and we hope this helps them prepare to be informed and involved citizens in the future!


Please watch our students at work in our 2024 Legislative Day video:


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