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July 2023 - Carolyn Sharette, Executive Director
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The Minimize Tech / Maximize Happiness campaign's purpose is to encourage parents and students to commit to no smartphone/smart device ownership until after high school.
Why? We cannot ignore the harmful effects of smart devices on children's well-being. Studies unequivocally link early smartphone/device exposure to decreased happiness! We support parents who prioritize their children's happiness by choosing to delay smart device ownership until after high school.
Sapien Labs provides an in-depth study that we recommend to all parents. This study supports our belief that smartphones should not be given to children. The report sheds light on the profound effects of early smartphone ownership on the mental health of young adults.  Click here to view the Sapiens Labs report.
Please click the presentation link below and review our campaign slide deck to learn about this important initiative! 

Then, please join our Facebook Group - Minimize Tech-Maximize Happiness, where we will share ideas with each other on how to navigate the world without smart devices for our children!

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