A note from Phil Collins

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Please enjoy this sympathetic, timely, and humorous poem from Phil Collins. 

A quick covid run to store

Recently I ventured out,
Into a land of dread and doubt,
To learn what this was all about,
This fear that gripped us all.

A parking place I sought to find
Saved for the handicapped and blind,
Until I all but lost my mind,
And found a place to park.

Grudgingly I walked the mile.
And took a cart with empty smile.
And headed for a busy isle;
When someone grabbed my arm.

With far less smile I turned around
And faced the lad who had me bound;
With sneer, I asked if mind was sound.
And choked at his reply.

“I’m sorry sir there is a line
And folks have waited quite some time
That hopefully they might item find
Within these cinder walls.”

“Of a line, I’m not AWARE”
I cursed into his rattled stare.
“I’m afraid it forms back there
Where horizon fades from view.”

With shoulders slumped I began
March of prisoned hopeless man
Who now was forced in rain to stand
For what was said two hours.

As slithering snail, I weakly crawled
And shouted as my march was stalled.
“Keep pace you wandering sheep,” I called
As people moved away.

At last, I reached an open door
Which gave an entrance to the store.
stood there a sign, “we have no more.”
Of milk and other things.

In anger I to home made haste,
“Blessings” gave to human race,
Of milk, I’d surely lost my taste,
Then called sweet spouse from kitchen near:

“Tomorrow, we’ll need eggs.”

Phil Collins

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