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Each year Best of State Utah recognizes organizations throughout the state with awards acknowledging outstanding achievement. 

American Preparatory Academy has been the fortunate recipient of 12 awards over the last four years. We are very proud of our programs and individual award recipients. 

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UPDATE 7.14.2021

Our American Prep team was honored to attend 2021 Best of State Gala at the Salt Palace Convention Center this week. Our team won several awards that are representative of the incredible work they do every day. Please join us in celebrating these moments of recognition. We are encouraged to continue this great work into the new year. 

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Summary of our 2021 awards:

Category: Education

Special Education - American Prep - Special Education Program

Management/Employee Training: Trina Christensen

Seminar Training/Education: Trina Christensen

Category: Arts & Entertainment

Community Music Program - Sistema Utah

Musical Instruments - Sistema Utah 

Category: Sports & Recreation

High School Coach - Eva Peterson

A shout-out to another Best of State Utah winner this year, Dawn McBride. Dawn is an admin for our team and does terrific work every day for our American Prep community. She is an incredibly talented and creative photographer. We work with some truly gifted people. 

Category: Visual Arts

Pet/Wildlife Photography: Fuzzy Love Photography - Dawn McBride


Category of Education

Award - Special Education Program - American Prep

Best of State Utah - Special Ed

Our Special Education program was recognized in 2021 for its forward-thinking approach to teaching students with special needs. 

American Prep has demonstrated nearly 20 years of outstanding academic success and emotional health for our special needs students. At APA, we know that all children, including those with special needs, must one day "meet and navigate the real world." When students are pulled out of class, they miss critical instruction and opportunities to socialize with their peers resulting in two detrimental outcomes: stigma with resulting emotional harm and academic inequities. To avoid these outcomes, American Prep educates its special needs students alongside their peers to the maximum extent possible or in the "least restrictive environment" (LRE). Additionally, we keep our students' designations as "disabled" confidential to the greatest extent possible to reduce harmful stigma. 

For many of our founding parents, their experience was that when students are "pulled out" of their homeroom, it was evident to all the students that their peers have special needs. This distinction results in stigma and leads to severe, long-lasting emotional harm. In Utah, we see this expressed in skyrocketing levels of depression, anxiety, and suicide among Utah's youth. It is sobering to realize that adults who had an IEP as a child are 46% more likely to attempt or complete suicide. 1-Jun-04-2021-11-42-46-84-AM

American Prep places the elimination of stigma for our special needs students as one of our highest priorities. Our founding parents were committed to creating a school where these distinctions were not transparent to the student body. They believed that students with IEPs could feel secure and happy--free from the stigma of being 


labeled "special needs" or "disabled". The commitment to addressing students' social-emotional and academic needs resulted in our innovative, effective "Inclusive Education" model that we offer today.

Our American Prep Special Education team serves over 540 Special Education students at five elementary, three junior high, and two high schools across six American Prep campuses.

Click here to learn more about our Inclusive Education program at APA. 



Category of Arts & Entertainment

Award - Community Music Program - Sistema Utah

Best of State Utah has recognized our Sistema program for its impact to our local community. Sistema is part of our after-school program, which is the largest after-school program in our state. Our Sistema Directors, Connie McCullough and Trina Christensen, are responsible for the music instruction of over 350 students and 30 staff members. 


Award - Musical Instruments - Sistema Utah 

Best of State Utah recognized our Sistema program for the expansive instruments that we offer through our program. Our students have access to education five days per week for three additional hours per day in addition to their regular school day. They learn various instruments like violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, flute, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, trombone, and bucket band. 

While many music and arts programs are being defunded in many districts and states, our Sistema music program staff find resources from our community to provide a dynamic free program for all West Valley students. 


About Sistema Utah 

Sistema Utah is a FREE after-school music program at our West Valley 1 and 2 campuses serving close to 350 low-income students in West Valley City. Our Sistema program is offered daily for 15 hours each week, offering various group instrument choices, including violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, flute, trumpet, and more. Every student receives three classes daily, including group instrument, general music, choir, and homework help. 


Best of State Utah has recognized our Sistema program for its impact to our local community. Sistema is part of our after-school program, which is the largest after-school program in our state. Our Sistema Directors, Connie McCullough and Trina Christensen, are responsible for the music instruction of over 350 students and 30 staff members. 

About El Sistema: El Sistema began 43 years ago in a parking garage in Caracas, Venezuela, by Dr. Jose Abreu. Founded in October 2013, Sistema Utah is now the most extensive, non-profit El Sistema program in Utah and a core part of the after-school program at American Preparatory Academy. 

Click here to learn more about Sistema Utah.

Category - Sports & Recreation

Award - High School Coach - Eva Peterson

Staff Images

Best of State Utah recognized our West Valley 2 Cheerleading Coach, Eva Peterson, for her outstanding efforts at American Prep. Mrs. Peterson is a health science teacher and an experienced Cheer coach. In 2020, she inspired her cheer team to compete for the first time in State competitions. The cheer program began as a 3-week intensive course that was held in 2016, 2017, 2018. Then, after much anticipation, an official cheer team was created in 2019.

Mrs. Peterson taught that cheerleading is always about others: serving others, supporting others, and cheering on others. She also taught basic principles of committing to a team, working as a team, and being a good team player. Mrs. Peterson took a group of 35 students and transformed them into cheerleaders. The

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 6.08.11 AM

 students demonstrated their desire to reach for the stars and be genuinely competitive by committing to long practices, learning new skills, and trusting Mrs. Peterson. The team competed and won the 2021 2A State Cheerleading competition during one of the most challenging years in our school's history for many events, practices, and performances were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Mrs. Peterson credits her athletes and her Assistant Coach, Rachel Neil, for overcoming the impossible.

WV2 Cheer 1st Place




Category - Arts & Entertainment > Performing Arts

Award - Community Music Program – Sistema Utah
Best of State Utah recognized APA's Sistema Utah program with the Community Music Program in both 2020 and 2021. To learn more about this award, click here.

Award - Musical Instruments – Sistema Utah
Best of State Utah recognized APA's Sistema Utah program with the Musical Instruments Award in both 2020 and 2021. To learn more about this award, click here.

Category - Education
Award - Arts in Education – Sistema Utah

Best of State Utah recognized APA's Sistema Utah program for providing such a profound music program for so many students in an underserved community like West Valley City.

Sistema Utah's mission is to provide musical instruction to foster lifelong qualities of refined character. We believe that music education works in tandem with academic learning and provides a positive outlet and identity for students of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. We strive to help children develop the highest musical proficiency possible by providing instruction through excellent teachers, mentors, and musical role models in their lives.

IMG_5949Sistema Utah is a FREE after-school music program that began in October 2013 at the American Preparatory family of schools. This program is based on the internationally successful program, El Sistema. Dedicated to the idea that music and rigorous musical study can improve participants' futures while also enhancing current academic and behavioral goals, Sistema Utah is an intense after-school immersion experience. Students learn an appreciation for music, partnership, and teamwork. They also learn how to help each other, receive feedback, and offer support. 

We serve nearly 360 students between two campuses in West Valley City, Utah. Both campuses are Title I schools, where 64% of our students receive free or reduced lunch. This program is offered free of charge to our families. Students stay for three hours a day, five days a week, for a total of 15 hours of musical instruction per week. Every student receives the following daily: group music instruction, general music class, singing class, and homework help. In addition to music instruction, we also serve each student a nutritious snack daily. We offer various instruments, including violin, viola, cello, flute, trumpet, French horn, clarinet, trombone, percussion, bucket band, piano, and guitar.

Award - Early Childhood Music Education – Trina Christensen

Best of State Utah recognized APA's Sistema Utah pTrina Christensen Award imagerogram for its dedication to teaching music to children of all ages and skill levels. Sistema consists of four performing group ensembles consisting of Sistema Strings (K-6), Secondary Orchestra Ensemble (7-12), Secondary Band Ensemble (7-12), and Secondary Sistema Strings (7-12).

IMG_1761Music instruction is often unavailable for low-income families. Sistema Utah makes music education more accessible for students of all ages by providing after-school supervision while engaging students in a setting where they can participate and be included. 
Families of Sistema Utah students can be reassured that their kids are in a safe place after school and can be confident that their children are continuing to learn and build character.

The mission of Sistema Utah is to change the world through music one student at a time, which has proven to be a worthy mission for thousands of West Valley students.

Award - Management and Employee Training- Trina Christensen

Best of State Utah recognized Sistema Utah Director Trina Christensen for her outstanding work in management and teacher training. 


Trina's comprehensive experience in music performance, theory, and instruction has helped her execute employee training and management of music programs for over two decades. 

At American Pep, Trina is responsible for hiring and training Sistema Utah teachers at her campus while maintaining compliance and licensing documents for each of them. Trina enforces safety protocols for her staff and students. She also organizes required teacher training throughout the year, providing coaching, guest speakers, and quarterly one-on-one meetings to ensure each staff member receives support. Trina coordinates fundraising campaigns, supplies, instrument donations, and volunteers from community partners and parents. 

In addition to directing our after-school music program, Trina is actively involved in the Suzuki Association of


 Utah in numerous roles, including Violin Region Chair and Association President. She has supported the

 Intermountain Suzuki String Institute for 15 years as the Director of Operations and Finance and still teaches private lessons. 

Trina partners in her Directing role with our West Valley 1 campus Director Connie McCullough, providing the most extensive after-school program offered by any public school in our state. 

Category - Education
Award - Principal - Craig Peterson
Best of State Utah recognized Craig Peterson, West Valley 2 Secondary Director, for outstanding performance in public school education.

Craig has been a leader in reaching underprivileged students and encouraging families to consider American Prep. His caring approach to student learning and discipline has helped him to earn the trust of the West Valley 2 student body while continually challenging his students to challenge themselves. Craig has also won the hearts of his staff by creating a safe and supportive environment for teachers to grow. In 2013, the West Valley 2 staff voted to award Craig the Builder of the Year Award, honoring him for supporting teachers and creating an environment for students to feel safe and engage in their work.

Craig holds a degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University and a Master of Arts degree from Central Michigan University. Craig Peterson has dedicated all that he knows to the success of the students at American Prep. He is patient and loving to all who walk through its doors.
Award - Administrator - Carolyn Sharette
Best of State Utah recognized Carolyn Sharette for the Administrator Award for her outstanding work in furthering education in Utah.

Pursuing her vision for a school where students are both challenged academically and are given the leadership skills they need to "change the world for the better", Carolyn opened American Preparatory Schools' first campus in 2003. American prep has grown to be a seven campus charter district serving over 5,000 students in Utah. 
Carolyn continues to serve as the Executive Director of American Prep, celebrating almost 20 years of educating students in Utah.
Carolyn received a B.S. is in Psychology and Nursing at Brigham Young University. She is a licensed R.N. in several states. Carolyn has served as a Consultant for various Bondholder Groups and Charter Schools from 2003 to the present. She has provided expert consulting on school operations and finances for several bondholder groups for schools that did not meet debt covenants. She has also contracted with several charter school groups to support their start-up and compliance processes.

Carolyn is the co-founder of Platte River Academy in Colorado and has served as the Executive Director of Children First Utah. This Scholarship-granting organization provides opportunities for children from low-income families. Carolyn also served as the Chairwoman for the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools (UAPCS) from 2005-2006.

Carolyn continues to advocate for school choice and legislation that supports students of all learning needs. American Preparatory Academy's success in charter school innovation and inclusive education has resulted from Carolyn Sharette's vision and commitment to providing a nurturing environment for students everywhere.
Category - Education

Award - Charter School: American Prep School for New Americans

Best of State Utah recognized American Preparatory Academy as the best charter school in 2017 for its outstanding efforts and achievements in education. 

Founded in 2003, American Prep began as an idea from a group of parents who wanted a better education for their children. This idea has grown into a seven-campus charter district serving over 5,000 students in Utah. The American Prep model continues to strengthen through the support of our community and the innovations of our staff and leadership. 

2021 marks the 18th year of the American Prep charter. American Prep 2003 Ribbon Cutting