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Is a charter school right for your student?


School choice is vital to your family, but choosing the right school can be tricky. Evaluating a school is essential before enrolling your students. You may be wondering if your school is traditional or year-round. Do they follow a STEM, Classical, or project-based curriculum? What is the student: teacher ratio per class? Will my child feel welcome? Please see our APA Fast Facts infographic to find out more. 

Special Education & Inclusive Education - Click here to find out more about American Prep's award-winning Inclusive Education program.

Accreditation - American Prep renewed its accreditation in 2021 - Click here to learn more about APA's accreditation. 

College Prep at APA - To learn more about how we prepare our students for higher education and college prep, click here.

School Uniforms - Why do students at our school wear uniforms? Learn more here.

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